OLED“燒屏”測試 三星Note8敗給iPhone X

【手機中國新聞】近日,有國外媒體做了一項有趣的測試,對iPhone X、三星Note8三星S7 Edge三款手機進行了長達510小時的“燒屏”測試。iPhone X的OLED異形全面屏供應商是三星,按道理來說最好的屏幕三星自然要留給自己,然而有趣的事情發生了,連續510小時“燒屏”測試下,三星Note8不幸敗給了iPhone X。

OLED“燒屏”測試 三星Note8敗給iPhone XiPhone X

OLED“燒屏”測試 三星Note8敗給iPhone X三星Note8

測試方式是這樣的,三款手機常亮,顯示同一張靜態圖片,每隔一段時間觀察三款手機狀態,結果顯示,iPhone X在抗“燒屏”上,要比三星Note8、S7 Edge更加出色。要讓三星交出一塊比自家產品水準還要好的屏幕,真的很不容易,這也只有蘋果能夠做到了。

OLED“燒屏”測試 三星Note8敗給iPhone X


16 hours ago … Korean website Cetizen recently performed an extreme burn-in test with the
iPhone X, comparing Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone model to the
performance of both the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. The test
involved subjecting all three smartphone models (which feature OLED displays,
which …
Extreme OLED test finds Apple’s iPhone X takes much longer to ‘burn in’ images
than Samsung Galaxy Note 8. By Neil Hughes Wednesday, January 03, 2018, 07
:08 am PT (10:08 am ET). OLED technology is prone to image burn-in —
something that Apple worked hard to compensate for in designing the hardware
and …
What makes the iPhone X the Best Smartphone Display is the impressive
Precision Display Calibration Apple developed, which transforms the OLED
hardware into a superbly accurate, high ….. Note that displays are almost never
viewed in absolute darkness under perfect viewing conditions with ideal image
23 hours ago … Apple iPhone X is the first phone launched by Apple to sport an OLED display. Its
screen has been made by Samsung and it is actually the best display in the
smartphone market, according to DisplayMate, which defines it even better than
the Samsung Galaxy phones’ Super AMOLED panels. A new test …
Nov 3, 2017 … With the introduction of its first handset with an OLED panel, Apple joins the ranks
of Samsung and LG; in fact, Samsung has been putting the technology in its
phones since way back in 2008. Google Pixel 2 XL, Apple iPhone X and
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (left to right).Apple has some catching up to do, …
22 hours ago … When it was first reported that Apple was going to use an OLED panel on the
iPhone X, many users raised concerns about the display aging poorly and having
burn-in issues which are typical with OLED panels. This was despite Apple
sourcing OLED panels from Samsung which is known for its quality …
17 hours ago … Korean website Cetizen has conducted an OLED burn-in test comparing the
iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8, and it appears as if Apple’s newest flagship has
come out on top.
12 hours ago … The iPhone X has the Galaxy Note 8 and S7 Edge beat in the OLED display burn
-in test. Here is everything you need to know.
3 hours ago … Apple definitely took its sweet time in jumping on the OLED train but it seems like
the long wait is well justified. While OLED is arguably better, it suffers to issues
like screen burn-in which has been the case for most smartphones throughout
the years. Many manufacturers struggled in handling the situation …

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